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10 X10 ( 100 sqft ) Climate Controlled 
You can fit:
Furnishings from a one bedroom apartment with a washer and dryer or a refrigerator, plus small items and boxes OR 200 Standard document File Boxes. 
Price: $90/ mo.

Self Storage Solutions for your Select needs
We take pride in our wide selection of quality self storage options. All of the storage units we offer are the best available anywhere.
We provide a wide variety of type and sizes including:
If you have any question about our services, please contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
10 X15 ( 150 sqft ) Climate Controlled 
You can fit: 
​Furnishings from a small house or two bedroom apartment not including major appliances, plus small items and boxes OR 300 Standard document File Boxes. 
Price: $130/ mo.
10 X20 ( 200 sqft ) Climate or Non-Climate Controlled
You can fit:
Furnishings from a apartment/house, three or four bedroom, with major appliances or can hold a car or truck 
Price: $155/ mo. climate 
          $80/ mo. non-climate
5 X10 ( 50 sqft ) Climate Controlled 
You can fit:
Chest of drawers, a chair, boxes, small items and a mattress set OR 100 Standard File Boxes.
Price: $65/ mo.
What does climate controlled storage mean for you:

At Select Climate Storage LLC our facility  maintains a temperature range between 50 and 80 degrees F. We do not control the humidity of the storage units, but by maintaining a controlled temperature the humidity levels should fall into a healthy range, much like what you will find in most homes. This will reduce the effects of rust and mold found in conventional self storage, saving you time and money. Storing items you love, that are susceptible to temperature changes such as leather, fine art, antiques, documents, photographs, electronics and collectables are just some of the items you own that can benefit from the proven use of climate controlled storage, guaranteed. The results of maintaining positive pressure in a closed air circulation system, the problems with dust and insects will be greatly reduced. We have an active pest control program to further reduce the problems usually associated with conventional self storage facilities.